About Us

SVS is a leading SAP global services & solutions provider.

Our Work Culture

we have created a work culture that is performance-oriented, yet highly collaborative and fun. Our skilled and energetic team is committed to the success of the people and the organization. We are looking for similar people to help us to drive this change even further.

Core Values of SVS:

  1. Passion : SVS was founded with a passion to deliver innovative solutions and high quality service to our customers.

  2. Innovation : SVS innovates everyday in order to provide better quality of support to our customers in minimum possible time frame.

  3. Integrity : Integrity is the base of SVS. We follow the same processes we assist our customers with to ensure that, like them, we are making a high quality hiring decisions—decisions that simply can’t be done without the information and services we provide.

  4. Accountability : SVS does what we say we are going to. This process allows the organization to work together in the service of achieving organizational objectives.

  5. Collaboration : Individuals from across SVS form teams to collaborate on big ideas.

  6. Customer Dedication and Support : SVS believe that a continuous improvement process that results in more satisfied, better served customers is the key to our success.